Flagship project

A comprehensive process for building refurbishment that is sustainable, modular and circular – BAU-DNS

The construction sector needs to play a significant role in the achievement of German and EU climate policy targets. In Germany, around 40 percent of all CO2 emissions stem from the construction and operation of buildings. The majority of this is attributable to heating and power, which is why more existing buildings need to be renovated sooner, more efficiently and with renewable energy sources.

The BAU-DNS project participants are primarily focused on increasing productivity while reducing costs and improving the circularity and carbon neutrality of materials and systems. To achieve this, the consortium is pursuing three avenues of research: consistent data use, sustainable processes and a systemic form of manufacturing aimed at countering the shortage of skilled workers and tradespeople. The consortium is also addressing the current lack of material availability. Regional availabilities and recycled materials are becoming crucial pillars of the industry, which is why the BAU-DNS consortium is approaching construction processes in terms of dismantling and recycling. They are therefore backward designing processes for component development, factory design, building planning and other project steps.