Fraunhofer Battery Alliance

Powerful batteries are the key component in mobile and stationary electrically powered applications. They are often the system component that proves most difficult to master. This is particularly true when dealing with the demands placed on service life and operational reliability of the systems used in the high-end energy and output ranges, which pose formidable technical challenges for the batteries that are used.

Research work at the Fraunhofer Network focuses on batteries and supercaps, including redox flow systems. The value chain extends from materials used in the smallest storage units, through to modular construction and battery management, quality assurance in production, and the simulation of materials and designs.

Business areas

Materials & Cells

Synthesis of electrode materials, current collector and particle modifications, development of electrolytes and separators,…

Cell production

Electrode production, cell assembly, cell characterization…

System & Integration

Packaging and cell design, battery management systems, prototype battery manufacturing, vehicle integration, ...…

Testing & Evaluation

Electrical and mechanical characterization, functional tests, transport and storage tests, safety and test, …

Simulation & Modeling

Supporting simulations across all stages of the value chain, from quantum chemical to structural mechanical simulations.