Fraunhofer Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Alliance BIG DATA AI

Big Data is the term used to describe large volumes of all kinds of data that accumulates rapidly: every day, all over the world, in companies and urban infrastructures, on the web and even in private households. According to forecasts, the volume doubles every two years. Processing and analyzing these vast volumes of data is a key technology for high-tech countries. Worldwide, companies expect Big Data will secure strategic competitive advantages as well as boost turnover and productivity.

The Fraunhofer Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Alliance Big Data und Künstliche Intelligenz BIG DATA AI provides support from a single source across all sectors and areas of business. Using their many years of experience in analyzing large volumes of data, the individual Fraunhofer Institutes help companies build expertise and to work up solutions that can then be applied to traditional business processes, production and logistics, and also to research and product development. We place feasibility and profitability on equal footing with data protection and security.

Business areas

  • Logistics and mobility
  • Production / Industry 4.0
  • Life Sciences and health care
  • Data security
  • Energy and environment
  • Business and finances