Range of Services

Research and Development

We develop, implement and optimize processes, products and equipment until they are ready for use and for the market. We work in all the application-relevant fields of expertise for contractual partners from industry and the public sector. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has consistently built up its structure on research groups. Flexible interlinking of expertise and capacities enables the institutes to meet extremely broad project requirements and complex system solutions.


Subsea Technologies

Our seas and oceans offer diverse economic opportunities, such as transportation, energy generation and a valuable source of renewable resources. With their wide range of expertise, Fraunhofer researchers are exploring the underwater world to help bring forward a more sustainable future.


Innovation and Future Research

Foresight Fraunhofer – Future topics for applied research

Further Training / Fraunhofer Academy

The Fraunhofer Academy offers specialists and managers excellent training and development based on the research activity of the Fraunhofer institutes in cooperation with selected and prestigious partner universities. The latest findings from applied research are channeled directly into the teaching content, providing a genuine platform for research and innovation. First-class vocational training lays the foundation for a promising career – lifelong learning is now a must.