High-Performance Center

GreenMat4H2 – Sustainable Materials for the Hydrogen Economy

Logo GreenMat4H2 - Leistungszentrum – Nachhaltige Materialien für die Wasserstoffwirtschaft

The High-Performance Center GreenMat4H2 – GreenMaterials for Hydrogen – aims at developing »green« materials for the hydrogen economy and ensuring the reliability of hydrogen-powered systems. To this end, the High-Performance Center bundles the excellence and expertise of science and industry in the Rhine-Main region and beyond.

A large number of elements, materials and systems are required for the production, storage and use of hydrogen. These are examined within the framework of GreenMat4H2 with regard to their service life and criticality, and solutions for optimization as well as substitution are developed. The ecological footprint and suitability of the various materials will be evaluated, and their integration and use in efficient and high-performance systems will be enabled. To this end, the entire life cycle of products and systems of the hydrogen economy must be considered, from production, storage and transport to usage and recycling. In addition to the materials applied, components and systems are also analyzed in terms of their durability, reliability and sustainability, and new recycling and circular economy concepts are developed. This way, the hydrogen economy will not only become more sustainable and geopolitically independent, but also more efficient and safer.