Cooperation with the Max Planck Society

By continuing the »Pact for Research and Innovation«, the participating research organizations have renewed their commitment to the government to take further steps to enhance Germany’s status as a leading scientific nation. One of these measures aims to bridge the gap between basic and applied research by improving cooperation between the institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and those of the Max Planck Society. Since the initiative was launched, a whole series of research projects have been evaluated and approved by internal and independent experts.

Current projects:

  • »eBioCO2n« Stromgetriebene CO2-Konversion durch synthetische Enzymkaskaden
  • »TWISTER« Turbulent Weather in Structured TERrain
  • »CLUSTERBATT« Bildung von Metallclustern in Kohlenstoffmaterialien – Sichere Anoden für zyklenstabile Batteriezellen mit hoher Energiedichte
  • Glyco3Display – Zucker-DNA-Kombimoleküle als neue antimikrobielle Agenzien
  • Akustische Hologramme – Ein neuer Ansatz für 3D-Ultraschall
  • »High-QG« - Optomechaniken hoher Güte für quantenrauschlimitierte Gravitationswellendetektion
  • DiaNMR ­– Kernspinresonanzspektroskopie auf Nanoebene
  • PowerQuant – leistungsfähigere Faserlaser 
  • ZellMOS – Schlüssel für intelligente Zell-Implantate
  • HEUSLER – Neue Magnetische Materialien ohne Seltene Erden
  • AIM-Biotech – Application of Insect-associated Microbes in industrial Biotechnology
  • LightField – Perceptually-aware light field capture, processing and display
  • Pompeji als Restaurierungsarchiv und Expositionslabor
  • AProLAM – Advanced alloy and process design for laser additive manufacturing of metals