Events and Trade Fairs

  • On the 12th and 13th September the event „HTP-Fachforum – “Technologies for value creation through use of raw materials and as an energy source“ takes place at the event location „Alte-Essigmanufactur“ in Leipzig. The focus of the forum lies on the entire range of hydrothermal processes for the production of solid, liquid and gaseous energy- and carbon carriers, the production of basic and fine chemicals, furthermore political framework conditions, measurement and control technology as well as the economic and ecological valuation of hydrothermal processes.

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  • The symposium will address potentials for innovative solutions related to piezoceramics in combination with various complimentary functional and structural materials and electronics to provide solutions for control and positioning tasks, measuring tasks, power supply, material treatment, and sound and vibration applications.

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  • Dresden / 09/18/2017 - 09/20/2017

    Dresden Battery Days 2017

    Fraunhofer IKTS is pleased to invite you to the 2nd Dresden Battery Days meeting on "Solid-state batteries - materials, manufacturing and system aspects" from September 18-20, 2017 taking place in Dresden, Germany. This two-day meeting will be dedicated to the exchange of knowledge between international electrochemical energy storage experts.

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  • The ICBM committee is pleased to announce the next International Conference on Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing (ICBM) on September 24–26, 2017. The 12th edition of the conference series will take place in Dresden, Germany – home town of Professor Heinrich Barkhausen and birth place of the Barkhausen effect.

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  • Bremen / 10/18/2017 - 10/19/2017

    Valorization of bio based raw materials

    Raw materials based on bio mass are a highly attractive and promoted field of development. Driven by legal policy and changes in consumer and producer standings it can be expected that “green materials” will increase in volume on the market.

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  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik ITWM Fraunhofer-Platz 1, 67663 Kaiserslautern / 11/08/2017

    JUROJIN – Statistik für Versuche zur Betriebsfestigkeit

    [only available in German] Mechanisch beanspruchte Bauteile müssen gegen ein Versagen beim Kunden abgesichert werden. Die variable Beanspruchung, streuende Produktion und diverse Ausfallursachen stellen dabei große Herausforderungen dar. Die Statistiksoftware Jurojin wurde speziell für die Planung und Auswertung der zugehörigen Betriebsfestigkeitsversuche entwickelt. Die Benutzerführung und verwendeten Algorithmen helfen dabei, typische Aufgaben schneller und effizienter zu lösen. An unseren Technologietagen stellen wir ausgewählte Aufgabenstellungen und deren Lösung in Jurojin vor.

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  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik ITWM Fraunhofer-Platz 1, 67663 Kaiserslautern / 11/29/2017

    CDTire - Scalable Tire Model for Full Vehicle Simulations

    CDTire supports engineers in almost all analysis scenarios used in modern vehicle development processes from within Multi-Body-Simulation tools. Special focus on tire belt dynamics and interaction with 3D road surfaces accurately captures the vibrations in both amplitude and frequency behavior with additional capabilities in static and stationary tire behavior.

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