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6G SENTINEL – The next generation of mobile communications

The 6G SENTINEL (Six-G Enablers: Flexible Networks, THz Technology and Integration, Non-Terrestrial Networks, SidElink and Localization) project prepares the ground for the sixth generation of mobile communications, which is expected to be launched in 2030. 

Constantly increasing data volumes require a high-performance wireless communications network that sets new standards with regard to data rates, reliability, latency, connection density and flexibility. That is why mastering this challenge calls not just for the systematic further development of 5G technologies, but also for disruptive approaches. In this spirit, 6G SENTINEL will address key 6G technologies for terahertz frequencies and flexible networks with adaptable infrastructure – in particular, flying platforms and satellites. Furthermore, the project will develop solutions for localization in 6G networks, as well as self-configurable, dynamic and distributed multi-core networks, and merge these things into an integrated 6G network architecture.

The participating institutes bring to the project complementary expertise from the fields of radio access networks, localization, software-based core networks, semiconductor technologies for THz communication and electronics packaging. This creates a unique conjunction of application know-how, technology expertise for individual aspects of a 6G network and overall systems expertise.

Overall, the lighthouse project is based on the twin pillars of “Terahertz Communication” and “Flexible Networks” as well as the overarching cross-domain topics of “Overall 6G System Architecture” and “Localization.” The results being targeted by the project are as follows: concept for a 6G architecture, radio channel models and link-level simulators for the frequency range between 100 and 300 GHz, a highly integrated terahertz transmission module for the D-band with fully integrated antenna, terahertz transmission modules based on photonics, transmission techniques for mobile THz connections, software modules for a flexible 6G core network, and fully integrated localization solutions.

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