Fraunhofer Group for Energy Technologies and Climate Protection

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Energy transition partner for business and politics

Combating climate change and converting energy systems to run on renewable energy have become societal responsibilities around the world. Political initiatives and societal movements further spur climate protection in Germany and the European Union.

The Fraunhofer Group for Energy Technologies and Climate Protection pools the expertise of the Fraunhofer Institutes and supports the implementation of the energy transition and climate neutrality in committees and research groups. By providing science-based advice, it accompanies policymakers and industry leaders in their commitment to combat climate change. The group exchanges with political decision-makers, associations and the wider public via targeted dialogue formats.

Strategic platform for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

To achieve climate neutrality in terms of technology, energy supply must be environmentally friendly, cost-effective and secure. Real-time energy systems need to be developed, real social dialogue and stakeholder engagement formats need to be offered.

The group provides a strategic platform for its member institutes to discuss their common future research agendas and their skillsets needed to address the challenges of the future energy system. The group offers the Fraunhofer presidential council advice informed by energy and climate research.


The group’s research is focused on the value chains of energy systems:

  • Energy data preparation
  • Energy system analysis
  • Renewable energy provision to the various sectors
  • Energy storage and batteries
  • Sustainable energy sources
  • Energy infrastructures
  • Energy efficiency and industrial processes
  • System integration and digitalization of the energy system
  • Hydrogen economy
  • Carbon capture and conversion technologies
  • Acceptance and scientific communication

The group’s member institutes are researching these areas within the scope of the Fraunhofer strategic research fields of Resource Efficiency & Climate Technologies and Hydrogen Technologies. The group offers the Fraunhofer presidential council advice informed by energy and climate research.

Fraunhofer Strategic Research Field Resource Efficiency and Climate Technologies

Fraunhofer Strategic Research Field Hydrogen Technologies


Facilitating Fraunhofer energy and climate research

The group’s central office and member institutes have partnered with Fraunhofer ENIQ, the event location of energy research in Berlin. The group works closely with The Fraunhofer cluster of excellence “Integrated Energy Systems CINES”, conducting in-depth research on energy system analysis, system integration and electrolysis as well as stakeholder engagement. The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance is developing products for companies and providing them with research services relating to generating, storing, and distributing energy.

Fraunhofer ENIQ

Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence »Integrierte Energiesysteme CINES«

Fraunhofer Energy Alliance