Fraunhofer Group for Energy Technologies and Climate Protection

The group is the platform for the strategic alignment of Fraunhofer energy research.

Our research areas

Energy sources

Development and characterization

  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Water energy
  • Geothermal energy

Energy conversion

Development, testing and inspection

  • Wind energy plants
  • Photovoltaic plants
  •  Converters (thermal, electrochemical and mechanical, biological)

Energy storage

Development, testing and analysis of storage systems

  •  Batteries
  • Thermal storage
  • Carbon capture and conversion technologies

Energy distribution

System analysis, development and simulation

  • Coupled energy infrastructures
  • Energy grids and energy neighborhoods
  • Power grids

Energy utilization

System analysis, development and simulation

  • Energy efficiency and industrial processes
  • System integration
  • Digitalzzation of the energy system
  • Economic, regulatory and technical evaluation

Expert search

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