Fraunhofer in the USA

Fraunhofer USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft presently comprised of seven research and development units, the Fraunhofer Centers.

Fraunhofer USA, Inc. Headquarters

American flag

In an era of worldwide research networks, Fraunhofer needs top scientific and engineering talent on both sides of the Atlantic. At Fraunhofer USA, such talent is recruited and developed through addressing global technical challenges. The diversity of projects and the close relationships with partnering universities and Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany provide unique experiences for German scientists, engineers, technicians and administrators. Since 1994, more than 500 students and scientists, many from Germany, have participated in Fraunhofer USA research programs.

Combining the culture of German engineering with the entrepreneurial spirit of the US high-tech communities, Fraunhofer USA assists in the critical early stages of implementation of new technology. Such international exchange and collaboration by Fraunhofer in applied research and education contributes to the economic development of industrial society and enhances transatlantic research cooperation. Activities involving more than one center are coordinated and supported by the Fraunhofer USA headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan.


Fraunhofer USA, Inc. Headquarters

44792 Helm Street
Plymouth, Michigan 48170, USA
Phone +1 734 354-9700
Fax +1 734 354-9711


Prof. Dr. Endrik Wilhelm

Fraunhofer USA President-elect

Prof. Dr. Patrick Bressler

Fraunhofer USA Executive Vice President  

Erin Simmonds, CPA

Fraunhofer USA Treasurer 

Mark J. Eby, Esq

Fraunhofer USA Secretary