Fraunhofer Group for Defense and Security VVS

This group has been formed by Fraunhofer institutes as a means of coordinating their research activities and defining common goals in the area of »Defense and Security«.

The chief objective of the group is to agree on common strategies vis-à-vis government funding agencies and to promote collaboration with these institutions and with the defense industry. Furthermore, the members of the group intend to align their research strategies with the requirements of the projected unification of European defense and security policy.

The group aims to maintain its traditional combination of research fields with civil and military applications, because it represents a valuable source of innovation and technological progress, to the benefit of all parties. It will continue to exploit this factor as a competitive advantage in both markets. The member institutes of the group, which engage in both civil and defense research, thus have an important role to play in the transfer of knowledge. They ensure that any significant breakthrough in research funded by non-military sources will be used to benefit defense technology, and vice versa.

Business areas

  • Security research
  • Protection and deterrence
  • Reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Explosives and safety engineering
  • Decision-making support for government and industry 
  • Localization and communication
  • Image processing