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Title: PFAS

The poison of the century


Fraunhofer magazine

Title: Savor in safety

Food: Supplying the future


Fraunhofer magazine

Title: Paging Dr. Data

AI in medicine: speeding up the healing process



Fraunhofer magazine

Title: Our energy

Where it comes from
How we can secure


Fraunhofer magazine

Protection and security

A new era, new challenges, new solutions


Fraunhofer magazine

This is not an egg

Our diet is changing radically. What does the future taste like?




Fraunhofer magazine

We have the energy!

Sun, wind, heat – ready for the transition



Fraunhofer magazine 3.2021

What we're really lacking

Raw materials, supply routes, digital souvereignty



Fraunhofer magazine 2.2021

The era of the founder

New impetus for the economy



Fraunhofer magazine 1.2021

Climate Stress: Heavy rain, storms, high temperatures: How we are making our towns and cities more resilient



Fraunhofer magazine 4.2020

What lies ahead in 2021?

Quantum computers | Neuromorphic chips | Trusted computing


Fraunhofer magazine 3.2020

Perspectives H – how to stay mobile



Fraunhofer magazine 2.2020

Coronavirus: what we can learn for the future



Fraunhofer magazine 1/2020

Green gains

Sustainability – the tie that binds ecology and the economy closer together



Fraunhofer magazine 4.2019


Fraunhofer magazine 3.2019

Using AI to fight cancer


special issue

Fraunhofer magazine 2.2019

The story of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
From beacon of hope to innovation engine


Fraunhofer magazine 1.2019

How do we develop the future

Back issues


Fraunhofer magazine 1.2018

Health Research in 4D

Drugs, diagnostics, data and devices – the 4 Ds are key areas of research


Fraunhofer magazine 1.2016

Making it lighter

Lowering carbon dioxide emissions is a significant goal of the future. Trimming down the weight of cars, planes amd trains offers a potential solution.


Fraunhofer magazine 1.2015

Water  – a vital resource

Water is a valuable commodity. It is the basis for all life and an essential factor of any business location. But in many places, this precious resource is in short supply due to climate change and population growth. Fraunhofer is currently working on system solutions and innovative ways to make the water industry sustainable.


Fraunhofer magazine 2.2015

Toward a sustainable future

No less than 45 of the 72 Fraunhofer Institutes work in fields of interest to the four key areas of medical science – drugs, diagnostics, devices and data, or the 4 Ds for short.



Fraunhofer magazine 2.2014

Security in the cloud




Fraunhofer magazine 2.2014

Power reoloaded