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Fraunhofer magazine 1.2016

Making it lighter

Lowering carbon dioxide emissions is a significant goal of the future. Trimming down the weight of cars, planes amd trains offers a potential solution.


Fraunhofer magazine 1.2015

Water  – a vital resource

Water is a valuable commodity. It is the basis for all life and an essential factor of any business location. But in many places, this precious resource is in short supply due to climate change and population growth. Fraunhofer is currently working on system solutions and innovative ways to make the water industry sustainable.


Fraunhofer magazine 2.2015

Important resources such as rare earth metals, clean water, copper, silver and gold are becoming scarce. If we want to continue to meet the needs of the ever-growing world population, we must become more accountable in how we manage raw materials. With its research, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is making an important contribution to sustainable development.

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