Fraunhofer goes SAP

Dear Business Partner,

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft intends to introduce SAP as its ERP system throughout Germany by January 10, 2022, with the aim of making procurement processes simpler and more efficient. As such, the systems currently used at Fraunhofer will be replaced by SAP Ariba. During the changeover period, starting from now, preparations must be made to migrate all business partner data so that they are available in SAP Ariba by the changeover deadline.

What is Ariba Network?

Ariba Network is a dynamic, digital marketplace that allows suppliers and purchasing organizations to collaborate efficiently and effectively in all relevant business relationships.

What are the benefits and changes for you as a supplier?

  • Order status can be tracked in real time
  • Orders can be shipped and received quickly and securely
  • Significant reduction in order errors
  • Greater transparency
  • Better visibility in the network for other potential customers


What costs will you incur?

SAP Ariba Network has two account models:

1. Standard account

Free model for exchanging essential documents. The only restrictions are that catalogs cannot be uploaded and system-to-system integration via the network is not available.

2. Enterprise account

Fee-based account (once a certain transaction volume is reached), which also offers system-to-system integration and a catalog uploading function. With this account, the overall costs are comprised of transaction-related and subscription costs.
You can find a detailed breakdown of fees here.

If you are one of our existing suppliers, we will contact you about registering with Ariba Network and connecting to our systems (or you can contact our onboarding team directly; see below). Please provide us with the details of the contact person responsible for the registration process and, if you already have one, your Ariba ID. You will receive a guide on how to register and create an account for Ariba Network.


Are you a prospective supplier who is looking to do business with us?

Please contact our onboarding team ( and provide your contact details (company name, position, address, email address, phone number, Ariba customer number (if available)). Please use this form. You will then receive an invitation and will be able to register for Ariba Network.

You can also find more information by clicking on the following link:
Fraunhofer Supplier Information Portal (


From January 10, 2022 onwards, all purchase orders for existing and new suppliers will be sent electronically via SAP Ariba Network. Paper copies of orders will no longer be issued. Fraunhofer favors electronic invoicing, preferably using Ariba Network. Alternatively, PDF invoices can be sent electronically by email. Invoices that do not state our order number will not be processed.

We look forward to continuing our successful business relationship with you.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Fraunhofer onboarding project team at the following email address: