Flagship project

Symbolbild Leitprojekt EMOTION – Empathische technische Systeme für die resiliente Produktion

EMOTION – Empathetic technical systems for resilient production

The objective of the EMOTION project is to fulfill the need for resilient production. Resilient production systems are systems that are capable of responding, learning and adapting. In these systems, people, intelligent machines and products must work together by leveraging synergies and providing complementary skills. This creates resilience in the face of disruptive change in a turbulent business environment. Collaboration of this level requires the mutual understanding and joint action of all actors involved, making empathy a defining capability of resilient production systems. 

EMOTION aims to demonstrate, for the first time, how the newly introduced concept of "empathic production systems" enables more effective and efficient cooperation between actors in production as well as the transformation towards resilient value communities. This project will conceptualize a reference model by taking the interoperability and sovereignty of individual actors into account. The technical implementation of this model involves the development of combined hardware and software solutions. The added value of empathic production systems will then be demonstrated in the application fields of assistance systems, maintenance, production planning and control through industry-oriented testing. The target group comprises users in the plant, mechanical and vehicle engineering sectors as well as system manufacturers and integrators within the digital economy.