Fraunhofer in North and South America

Fraunhofer locations and activities in North and South America

Kanada, Flagge, Fraunhofer International


In 2011 Fraunhofer established in Canada the Fraunhofer Project Center for Composites Research.

Fraunhofer in Canada


USA, Flagge, Fraunhofer International


In 1994 Fraunhofer established a subsidiary in the United States of America. Fraunhofer USA, Inc. currently comprises seven research and development entities as well as other units.

Fraunhofer USA

Brasilien, Flagge, Fraunhofer Intenational


Two Fraunhofer Project Center and a Fraunhofer Liaison Office were established in 2012.

Chile, Flagge, Fraunhofer International


The first South American Fraunhofer subsidiary was established in Chile in 2010.