Fraunhofer ICT Group

The Fraunhofer ICT Group is the largest provider of applied research in the field of information and communications technologies in Europe. It marshals key expertise for business and society to utilize in exploiting opportunities and meeting the challenges that result from the comprehensive digitalization of virtually all aspects of today’s new world. The Fraunhofer ICT Group covers a broad spectrum of technological fields through its member institutes, from the basics to practical solutions in informatics, mathematics, as well as information and communications technology, and it offers assistance to national and international IT providers and IT users alike, particularly SMEs.

In addition, the Fraunhofer ICT Group defines and works on the predominant topics crucial for the future of business and society through interdisciplinary initiatives at the highest conceptual level. In pursuing its vision, the Fraunhofer ICT Group works closely with trade associations, scientific organizations, and the body politic, as well as engaging the public through its information channels as well as educating the coming generation.


Mobility and transportation


Public safety and security

Manufacturing and logistics

Media and creative sector

Digital services

Business and finance informatics

Medical and healthcare systems

Energy and sustainability

Technology fields

Numerical software and simulation

Usability and human-computer interaction

Reliable cyber physical systems

IT security and safety

Digital networks and the Internet

Graphics and media technology

Image acquisition and evaluation

Big Data management and analytics

Automation technology and engineering