Policy Recommendations and Position Papers

2021 federal elections in Germany

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On September 26th 2021, Germany elected a new federal parliament. The next federal government will face ernomous challenges in the forthcoming legislative term, such as overcoming the Coronavirus pandemic, combating the climate crisis and achieving technological sovereignty in critical sectors. In order to master these challenges, consequential political action based on scientific recommendations is necessary.

Therefore, Fraunhofer has taken a stance on selected topics in a series of Policy Papers on research and innovation policy. We sketch out specific challenges, identify areas that require action and offer tangible policy recommendations.

The Policy Papers have so far been published only in German. They cover the following topics:

Health Research, Bioeconomy and Circular Economy, Digital Sovereignty, Quantum Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, High-Performance Computing, Renewable Energy Transition, Hydrogen Technologies, Fuel Cell Production, Sustainable Mobility, Fraunhofer Klimaneutral 2030, Regional Innovation Ecosystems and Fraunhofer's economic impact.

Other position papers from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft


Federal Structures in Data Management

Innovative, responsible data management: an opportunity for Germany and for Europe


Norms and Standards (German)

Challenges and recommendations for norms and standardization in the European and global market


Sustainable Subsea Solutions (German)

Protected ecosystems, healthy maritime environments and value creation: sustainable solutions for the maritim economy