Cybersecurity Training Lab

Cybersecurity Training Lab for tomorrow’s security experts

Professionally trained IT security specialists are a rare commodity in Germany. So as not to fall behind in the arms race with cyber criminals, IT teams and managers must constantly hone their skills and improve their expertise in order to stay at least one step ahead. Several Fraunhofer Institutes and universities of applied sciences are now offering a modular, part-time continuing education program to alleviate the unmet demand for training opportunities.

Training and development in the field of IT security is an issue of national interest, given that cyber attacks on critical infrastructures or industrial complexes can result in significant financial losses, the disruption of vital supply networks, or the breakdown of public order. The growing trend toward connectivity and digitalization only accentuates the threat.

Course participants can specialize in the following thematic areas:

  • Industrial manufacturing / Industry 4.0
  • Critical infrastructures / Use cases for energy and water Infrastructures
  • High-security and emergency-response facilities
  • Internet security and IT forensics
  • Software quality / Product certification
  • Embedded systems, mobile security and the internet of things