Research and innovation for a future worth living in

Our position as an applied research organization means we have a special responsibility towards society to develop solutions for the challenges of our time. This mission is our top priority.

Current research projects that make the world a little more sustainable


Higher yields, lower losses – greater resilience in the food supply


Better with plastic – Fraunhofer is making the material more sustainable


Winds of Change – Green hydrogen

Harnessing research findings: transfers to business and industry, society at large and government

Technology transfer

Valuable technological knowledge and expertise is generated at the Fraunhofer institutes each and every day. To ensure the successful commercialization of technology, we at Fraunhofer have adopted a broad and sophisticated set of transfer mechanisms.

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Gebäude des Leistungszentrums Nachhaltigkeit in Freiburg
© Leistungszentrum Nachhaltigkeit Freiburg

High-Performance Center Sustainability (LZN) Freiburg − transforming sustainability research in engineering into real innovations

LZN is a collaboration between the University of Freiburg and five Fraunhofer institutes. The center works with companies both large and small to study technologies and solutions for sustainable development.

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© Fraunhofer / Stefan Zeitz

Fraunhofer as link between research and government

We share expert knowledge and recommendations from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with policymakers. This allows us to keep up to date on relevant political developments and to translate policy challenges into research programs and strategies. Various formats enable us to stay in ongoing communication with the German federal parliament (Bundestag), federal ministries and political parties.

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Weg im Frühling - Way in springtime
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Open access at Fraunhofer – balancing research and business

Open access is an essential component of the open science movement, which aims to ensure that research processes are openly accessible to and can be used by as many people as possible. Fraunhofer supports the development of open access as a scientific publishing standard by establishing and expanding suitable infrastructures and centralized services.

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Responsible research processes

Logo LeNa

LeNa − socially responsible research

What criteria should be applied to research processes, and how can they be incorporated into day-to-day research? Non-university research organizations have teamed up with higher education institutions and specialists from the research, management, and administrative sectors to explore these questions.

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Citizen participation in research and development processes

Dialogue with those who use our innovations is important to us. That is why we develop formats that involve our communities in the research process.

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Good Scientific Practice

Scientific integrity and compliance with the principles of good scientific practice are indispensable requirements for scientific work. As an applied research organization, these principles are the basis of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s identity. Fraunhofer applies utmost care when implementing scientific methods and documenting data, as this is the basis on which commercial customers and the public place their trust in us.

Fraunhofer Future Foundation

Transformation to a sustainable way of living and doing business

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© Fraunhofer-Zukunftsstiftung/Illustration: Theresa Pfeiffer

The Fraunhofer Future Foundation is one of Germany’s major research foundations. According to its statutes, the foundation exclusively supports projects at Fraunhofer institutes. Funding from the foundation facilitates the development of products, services and business models that make an important contribution to resolving global challenges.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023

Extensive and transparent – our sustainability reporting

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