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The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, based in Germany, is a leading applied research organization. It plays a crucial role in the innovation process by prioritizing research in key future technologies and transferring its research findings to industry in order to strengthen Germany as a hub of industrial activity as well as for the benefit of society.

Founded in 1949, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft currently operates 76 institutes and research units throughout Germany. Its nearly 32,000 employees, predominantly scientists and engineers, work with an annual business volume of 3.4 billion euros; 3.0 billion euros of this stems from contract research, which is divided into three funding pillars. Fraunhofer generates a share of this from industry and license-fee revenue, totaling 836 million euros. This high proportion of industrial revenue is Fraunhofer's unique selling point in the German research landscape. Another share of contract research revenue comes from publicly funded research projects. The final share is base funding supplied by the German federal and state governments and enables our institutes to develop solutions now that will become relevant to the private sector and society in a few years.

Last updated: April 2024


Openingfilm Fraunhofer Research Awards 2024

Ideas and innovations, drive and inventiveness, are more important than ever. Government, industry and society are facing major challenges and changes: from geopolitical conflicts and demographic change through to economic turmoil and the climate and energy crises.

But these challenges also open up new opportunities to shape our future with skills and expertise − so that we can find answers to the central questions of our time and emerge stronger from these crises.

For 75 years, Fraunhofer has worked hand in hand with partners from industry, research and the public sector to put innovations into practice. That’s because knowledge transfer is the backbone of our innovation system.

Since Fraunhofer was founded in 1949, our mission has been to act as supporter, guide and driving force for industry. The proven Fraunhofer model provides the basis for this transformation process and is our reliable compass for successful, market-driven transfer.

We take responsibility for a future worth living in by taking economically, ecologically and socially sustainable actions − and upholding the principle of diversity. In this way, we contribute to a strong society that is economically and politically sovereign.

Fraunhofer: 75 years of innovation. #WeKnowHow