Corporate Social Responsibility at Fraunhofer

Our responsibility

The Principle of Social Responsibility ("Prinzip Verantwortung") guides us in all our dealings with customers and cooperation partners, employees and suppliers as well as in assessing the impact of our actions as a scientific organization. This reflects the Fraunhofer conviction that responsibility and integrity are a fundamental basis for both economic and scientific success.

We have distributed this responsibility widely throughout our organization, anchoring it in the Executive Board, Presidential Council, managers, employees as well as in committees and the General Staff Council. Acceptance of this responsibility is also evident in the solidarity among our Institutes when order volumes are less than desired or when Institute facilities are affected by natural disasters.

We respond to today’s social challenges by launching strategic initiatives that will enable us to develop system-specific solutions based on interdisciplinary research. In these endeavors Fraunhofer plays a major role in the transfer of scientific knowledge across Germany's scientific community.

To us, Corporate Responsibility also means the realization and constant further development of an employee-oriented personnel policy, sparing utilization of resources, protection of the environment, regional community outreach and compliance with social and environmental standards in the supply chain. 




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