Networks and committee work

Communication and involvement in different networks are key levers for implementing equal career and development opportunities for all genders. It is therefore very important to us that equal gender participation is made visible in committee and stakeholder work, in networks, and in internal and external communication.


Fraunhofer engagement in networks

Fraunhofer supports and seeks out exchanges with other organizations to collaboratively promote equal opportunities and utilize beneficial synergies.


The Charta der Vielfalt (diversity charter)

Since signing the “Charta der Vielfalt” in 2011, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has been committed to diversity in the industry and tolerance, fair treatment and appreciation of its employees.



Fraunhofer is an engaged member of the Femtec network, which comprises acclaimed international technology businesses and high-caliber research organizations such as the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Together, we pave the way for female students to succeed in STEM careers.


The Chefsache initiative

In 2020, the “Chefsache” initiative, of which Fraunhofer is a founding member, examined the effects of New Work on equal opportunities under the motto “New Work — Fair Chances.” As part of the virtual “Chefsache” conference in June 2020, Prof. Kurz, Executive Vice President for Human Resources, Legal Affairs and IP Management, offered a workshop on the integration of New Work and equal opportunities at Fraunhofer and examined the question of how science can contribute to providing more equal opportunities in the context of serious social developments, such as the pandemic.



To promote the presence of excellent female scientists in the research community, for example to encourage invitations to conferences or consideration for management positions, we are engaged in this international network, which offers the biggest databank of profiles of prominent female scientists in the world.


Gender Summit 2021

Fraunhofer was a partner organization of the Gender Summit 2021 and provided an insight into how equal opportunities and diversity could be supported and integrated into Fraunhofer organization culture.

The annual conference tackles the topics of equal opportunities, diversity, inclusion and innovation in science. Experts discuss current challenges and perspectives from science and industry with the aim of developing a vision of scientific excellence that places equal rights, diversity and inclusion alongside innovation and sustainability at its core.


Munich Dual Career Office (MDCO)

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is a partner of the Munich Dual Career Office (MDCO) at the Technical University of Munich.