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Talking Blue Sustainability

ISSS partners organize webinars under the patronage of Members of the European Parliament on specific topics that are related to Blue Sustainability.
Objectives of the format:

  • Highlight ISSS work linked to concrete policies to a broad audience
  • Start discussions in the Brussels bubble on the issue at hand
  • Connecting ISSS researchers with policymakers in Brussels.

Join us for our next webinars and talk with us about current challenges, solutions and new innovations!


More Information

Internal: ISSS Breakfast Club

The ISSS Breakfast Club is a series of internal events organised by the ISSS EU Policy Working Group to connect the ISSS Community with policymakers and create new opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration

All ISSS staff members are welcome to join. The one hour events take place once a month, start-off with an impulse talk on a certain topic and is then open for discussions and networking. The shown presentations are available for all ISSS members. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Upcoming events:

November 29, 2023

Past events:

  • Jun 2023: "Release rate of microplastic from antifouling paints" with Emiliano Pinori (RISE)
  • May 2023: “Laser Cutting under Water” with Patrick Herwig (Fraunhofer)
  • Apr 2023: "SimuNet - Numerical simulation of fishing gear" with Karsten Breddermann (Universität Rostock)
  • Mar 2023: with Emily Cowan (SINTEF)
  • Feb 2023: "The European Marine Strategy Framework Directive - context and challenges" with Angel Borja (AZTI)
  • Jan 2023: "BlueMissionAA - Building a coordination hub to support the mission implementation in the Atlantic and Arctic Basin" with Jose Luiz Mountinho (Atlantic International Research Centre)
  • Dec 2022: "Christmas Special: Racing with purpose – the scientific program at The Ocean Race" with Stefan Raimund (Ocean Science Advisor at The Ocean Race)
  • Nov 2022: "The Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership" with Kathrine Angell-Hansen (The Research Council of Norway)
  • Oct 2022: "Marine Strategy Framework Directive" with Ángel Borja (AZTI)
  • June 2022: "Marispace-X" with Jann Wendt (CEO of and Marispace-X Project Coordinator)
  • May 2022: "ILIAD - the way forward" with Ute Brönner (SINTEF/ Fraunhofer)
  • Apr 2022: "Digital Twin of the Ocean" with Alain Arnaud (Mercator Ocean International)
  • Mar 2022: "EMODnet - Structure, evolution, position in the EU marine data landscape and future developments" with Zoi Konstantinou (DG MARE, European Commission)
  • Feb 2022: "SeaDataNet - History of the Building and Upgrade of an European oceanographic data infrastructure" with Michèle Fichaut (IFREMER)
  • Jan 2022: "EU Mission - Restore our Ocean and Waters" with John Hanus (DG RTD, European Commission)


Past Events

September/ October 2021

EUSBSR Annual Forum 2021

The ISSS Baltic Sea Hub organized a workshop on “Plastic Pollution in the Baltic Sea. A Circular Economy Approach on Reduction, Recovery and Recycling of Plastic Waste in the Baltic Sea”. 

September 2021

ISSS Launch Event - #EMD In My Country Event

We, Fraunhofer, and our partners +ATLANTIC CoLAB, AZTI, ENEA, Ifremer, RISE, SINTEF, TECNALIA, TNO and VTT launched the Innovation Platform ISSS during a #EMDInMyCountry and UN Ocean Decade Activity Event: »A boost for sustainable sea and ocean solutions. Intelligent technologies for the Blue Economy - ISSS platform«.

June 2021

EU Green Week partner event

The virtual partner event »The ocean we want – How advanced Technologies drive a Zero-Pollution Blue Economy« of Fraunhofer and SINTEF in the context of the European Green Week 2021 - #Zero Pollution for healthier people and planet!

It was a great honor to host such an interesting and lively exchange of ideas and visions. We very much thank our speakers - Dr. Steffen Knodt (Fraunhofer), Dr.-Ing. Bård Wathne Tveiten (SINTEF), Dr.-Ing. Marcus Siewert (Fraunhofer), Kristin Rist Sørheim and Dr. Emlyn Davies (SINTEF) - and our penalists - Elisabet Haugsbø (C4IR Ocean, Norway), Andreas Mauritzen (OceanAccess, Norway), Eyk-Uwe Pap (Baltic Diver, Germany) and Dr. Julien Hansen (Atlas Elektronik, Germany) for their valuable input. Last but not least, we wholeheartedly thank the moderator Ute Brönner (SINTEF) for guiding us through the event. 


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