High-Performance Center

Intelligent Signal Analysis and Assistance Systems – InSignA, Ilmenau

The InSignA (“Intelligent Signal Analysis and Assistance Systems”) High-Performance Center initiates application and transfer projects and develops utilization strategies. These strategies focus on the use of AI-based signal analysis and assistance systems in the promising application areas of production, energy supply and robotics. The High-Performance Center pays particular attention to the development and establishment of regional value creation networks to strengthen the local and overall economies in Thuringia. Of course, national and international cooperation is always an objective.

The InSignA High-Performance Center is a joint initiative of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the Thuringian IDMT, IOSB-AST, IIS, IZFP and IKTS Fraunhofer Institutes and the Technische Universität Ilmenau. The High-Performance Center takes TU Ilmenau’s excellent basic research in the areas of sensor technology, precision metrology and data-intensive engineering and combines it with applied Fraunhofer research on signal detection and evaluation for various applications. These applications cover technical data protection and data security, AI methods and machine learning as well as radio and sensor technology.

Together with other non-university research institutions and business partners, the InSignA High-Performance Center develops prototype solutions and viable business and utilization models for the following topics:

  • intelligent signal analysis and sensor technology
  • real-time simulation and synthetic data generation
  • intelligent assistance systems for energy systems as well as mechanical, plant and production engineering
  • edge computing, distributed and scalable systems
  • technical data protection and data security as well as
  • convergence of communication, localization and sensor systems