Success built on cooperation

Research Fab Microelectronics Germany

The Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) was created in 2017 to strengthen the position of Europe’s semiconductor and electronics industry on the global playing field. For the first time, eleven Fraunhofer institutes of the Group for Microelectronics and two Leibniz institutes FBH and IHP are bundling their scientifically excellent technologies, applications and system solutions under one virtual roof to form a combined overall offering in the field of microelectronics and nanoelectronics.

Fraunhofer Competence Network Quantum Computing

The future of quantum computing in Europe has begun in Ehningen: Since January 2021, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has had exclusive access to a quantum computer operated by IBM at its location in Ehningen, Baden-Württemberg. This has ushered in a new era of technology in Germany that connects stakeholders from research and industry, builds expertise in the area of quantum computing and paves the way for the practical application of qubits.

High-Performance Centers

High Performance Centers are organizational structures in which university and non-university research can be conducted hand in hand with industry. They are characterized by well-defined, end-to-end roadmaps in which the partners attribute equal value to research and education, promotion of young scientists, infrastructure, innovation and knowledge transfer. The Centers invite political decision-makers to modify their priorities by proving that scientific excellence can be developed with benefits to society.

Cybersecurity Training Lab

Fraunhofer and a select group of universities have developed a modular concept for cybersecurity training. This collaborative approach enables the latest theoretical or practical research findings to be immediately incorporated into the teaching program. Students will work in modern laboratories equipped with simulation tools allowing real threat scenarios to be tested.

Max Planck School of Photonics

The Max Planck School of Photonics is one of three pilot schools and connects the most promising junior researchers with the best scientists within the German research of photonics: interdisciplinary, nationwide and without institutional boarders.

Cooperation with the Max Planck Society

By continuing the »Pact for Research and Innovation«, the participating research organizations have renewed their commitment to the government to take further steps to enhance Germany’s status as a leading scientific nation. One of these measures aims to bridge the gap between basic and applied research by improving cooperation between the institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and those of the Max Planck Society. Since the initiative was launched, a whole series of research projects have been evaluated and approved by internal and independent experts.

National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity ATHENE

The National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity ATHENE is a research center of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with the participation of the Fraunhofer Institutes SIT and IGD as well as the universities Technische Universität Darmstadt and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences..