Success built on cooperation

High Performance Centers

High Performance Centers are organizational structures in which university and non-university research can be conducted hand in hand with industry. They are characterized by well-defined, end-to-end roadmaps in which the partners attribute equal value to research and education, promotion of young scientists, infrastructure, innovation and knowledge transfer. The Centers invite political decision-makers to modify their priorities by proving that scientific excellence can be developed with benefits to society.

Fraunhofer Innovation Clusters

Regional structures with a global effect – the concept of innovation clusters

Linking skills and pooling resources are the right way to meet the challenges posed by globalization and the increasing dynamism of structural change. Knowledge-based industries, in particular, develop very successfully in regional clusters, which facilitate knowledge exchange and generate a critical mass of skills that complement one another. Geographical proximity between research organizations, investors and companies can produce networks that lead to new business ideas and the foundation of new enterprises.

Regional innovation clusters bridge the gap between industry and scientific research. Successful clusters can stimulate the competition on the market, and at the same time create fruitful collaborations which ultimately benefit everyone involved.

Cooperation with the Max Planck Society

By continuing the »Pact for Research and Innovation«, the participating research organizations have renewed their commitment to the government to take further steps to enhance Germany’s status as a leading scientific nation. One of these measures aims to bridge the gap between basic and applied research by improving cooperation between the institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and those of the Max Planck Society. Since the initiative was launched, a whole series of research projects have been evaluated and approved by internal and independent experts.