Fraunhofer TALENTA speed up

A career booster for women at Fraunhofer

Recruiting more women for applied research, developing their skills and retaining them as employees is an important objective for Fraunhofer. With our comprehensive funding and development program for female scientists and managers, we are successfully working toward achieving this objective.

Whether you have just entered the field of practical research or want to enter it, whether you have the relevant work experience or already lead a team, if you want to give your career an extra boost, it’s worth taking a look at our program. Specifically tailored to your needs and individual career phase, “Fraunhofer TALENTA” allows you to obtain new qualifications in a way that suits you. You will be given dedicated “career time,” so you have the necessary space in your working day to focus on developing your career as a scientist or manager in the field of applied research.


Fraunhofer TALENTA speed up: Accelerating your career

TALENTA speed up is tailored to professionally experienced female scientists both within and outside Fraunhofer who would like to take on responsibility in a managerial or scientific position. You will receive concrete opportunities to help you obtain new qualifications and accelerate your career. One of the support measures for female scientists consists of “career time,” where they can concentrate on team building for their research group and focus on issues relating to their career as a manager or scientist.

Beyond that, the mentoring and training service is tailored to your specific stage in life and your career, and covers many additional topics such as leadership and strategy, as well as strategic research funding for further developing your leadership skills. Throughout the funding period and beyond, participants can share knowledge with other female scientists through a variety of networking platforms, such as

Who can apply?

The focus is on STEM subjects, in particular engineering- and technology-related disciplines. If a job advertisement catches your interest, you are welcome to submit an application — including a reference to TALENTA — to the institute in question. Your application to participate in TALENTA will be submitted in cooperation with the institute that decides on who to nominate for the program.