How do I use the quantum computer?

Want to learn how a quantum computer works and test out your concrete problems on the IBM Q System One computer in Ehningen?

You have a number of options:


  • Our institutes can support you in answering specific questions in the context of research projects. You can find a point of contact for your query here.
  • A training course can help you and your staff become familiar with quantum computing.
  • Naturally, you can also directly access the system yourself.

Technical facts & terms of use

The IBM Q System One in Ehningen forms the core element of the Competence Network Quantum Computing.


Technical data:      

  • 27 superconducting qubits
  • Quantum volume of 32
  • Coherence time ≈ 100 μs
  • Single-qubit gate error ≈ 0.05%
  • Two-qubit gate error ≈ 1%
  • Time required for operating two-qubit gate ≈ 500 ns for CNOT

Key facts for use:

  • Use is exclusive to Fraunhofer and its partners
  • Operation entirely subject to German law
  • European and German data protection regulations apply
  • Project and user data remains within Germany
  • Additional cloud access to various IBM quantum computers in USA

Who? Industrial companies, academic institutions and universities that are headquartered in Germany

What for? Civil research, training, teaching

Requirements? Access and license agreement

Costs? Personal monthly ticket; cost/ticket: €11,621 (Industry), €9770 (R&D)  

Any questions? Contact