Research and Development

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Requirement-driven and Problem-oriented Research 

Fraunhofer conducts research in the fields relating to social challenges in order to achieve tangible improvements for mankind. The essence of our research portfolio is formed by widely diverse issue-oriented and problem-driven research questions that are approached in an interdisciplinary and networked manner, with a constant focus on rapid transfer.

Strategic Initiatives

Fraunhofer continuously develops a proactive research portfolio and makes an effort to launch joint German and European initiatives with partners from business, science and politics. This makes it possible to quickly address current topics of particular societal urgency and to coordinate them accordingly.

Developing and Emerging Countries 

The Fraunhofer Institutes work together with developing and emerging countries in a wide variety of partnerships. Higher-level imperatives, such as the duty to collaborate in development activities, provide a framework for these dedicated efforts. Here areas in which Fraunhofer can make a technological contribution to mastering global challenges continue to grow in importance. 

Knowledge Transfer in Politics and Society 

When it comes to the interaction of business, society, politics and science, Fraunhofer is an able partner, always ready to react rapidly to societal debates. It remains a priority for Fraunhofer to promote the active transfer of knowledge in politics and society as well as to use specialized expertise to provide a well-founded basis for making decisions.

Scientific Excellence

Worldwide challenges require the collaboration of the widest possible variety of scientific disciplines in order to generate a highly varied range of possible solutions. Excellent scientific depth in each discipline is just as essential as the breadth within the discipline and exchange within the scientific system. Thus for Fraunhofer applied research means ensuring a high level of scientific quality.