Quantum technology

Quantum physics provided the basis for many technical achievements such as transistors or lasers. In recent years, quantum researchers have achieved spectacular breakthroughs, so that one speaks of a "second quantum revolution." The aim of the KSI is to transfer basic research into applications as quickly as possible, for example into ultrafast quantum computers and quantum communication.


Quantum source in space secures communication

Previous mathematical encryption methods will soon be easily hacked by powerful quantum computers. Interleaved photons generated by a quantum source in space could ensure secure communication in particularly security-relevant areas.


Quantum communication for everyone

Quantum communication protects transmission of data so that eavesdropping attempts do not remain undetected. Fraunhofer for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, HHI is developing novel optical integration solutions as part of the "Quantum Flagship" of the European Union that make such technologies affordable for everyone.