Doctorate with Fraunhofer

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Our goal is to provide junior scientists during their time at Fraunhofer with dependable conditions of employment and to contribute as best we can to their individual career development, including the provision of additional qualifications. Given our intrinsic focus on applied research, Fraunhofer is able to offer junior scientists the opportunity to work in a broad range of areas as well as gain additional qualifications in specialist or interdisciplinary fields. As a rule, the attainment of a doctorate at a university marks an important step toward a successful career in science or, indeed, in industry.

Junior scientists who undertake doctoral research profit from working in an environment that offers a stimulating blend of applied basic research, contract research and further training. At Fraunhofer, our aim is to provide doctoral candidates with first-class facilities and equipment, an open, all-round, creative working environment and fully transparent employment conditions. Doctoral candidates receive support from their personal supervisor and working groups as they strive to develop innovative solutions to complex questions and bring their research project to a successful conclusion. In accordance with the principles of good scientific practice, this also involves a high degree of autonomy and self-reliance.

The following code of conduct lays down the standards to which doctoral candidates at Fraunhofer are expected to conform.