Bioeconomy | Energy

Fossil fuels are increasingly being replaced with renewable energies, which are energies sourced from wind, sun and biomass, in a desperate attempt to achieve climate goals. But wind and solar energy is inconsistent and tends to fluctuate, making solutions for exploiting excess energy a must. In addition to sun and wind, biomass is also an important pillar in the energy mix of the future.


Intelligent use of renewable energy

Excess solar and wind energy is difficult to store and transport over long distances. The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM has found a smart solution to that problem – an innovative energy management system.


Creating a carbon-free energy supply

Fraunhofer researchers are developing a complex IT ecosystem for the systematic transition to a new energy economy, which should help reduce greenhouse gas emission significantly.

DigitalFire: digitization of biomass furnaces

Because optimal configuration is so difficult when it comes to biomass furnaces, the systems do not always run as efficiently as they could. Digital process monitoring could help – even for smaller systems.

Fraunhofer magazine article 1.2020

Fill ‘er up with biofuel


Environmentally friendly fuels for shipping: biogenic additives

Will ships run more environmentally friendly in the future?

There is movement in the fuel market for ocean-going vessels. Targets to reduce ex-haust emissions require new sustainable ways of producing diesel and heavy fuel oil. What could these paths look like? What are the new raw materials? Researchers at Fraunhofer UMSICHT succeeded in mapping the entire process chain for the production of bio-based blending components as part of the PyroMar project. Testing is starting right now.