Biological transformation

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is supporting digital change with the help of biological change by developing the concept of biological transformation. For this purpose, Fraunhofer is increasingly using materials, structures and principles of living nature in technology. The aim is to create sustainable added value, for example through bionics, biotechnology or bio-economics.


Biological transformation

Biological transformation refers to the increasing use of materials, structures and principles of living nature in technology with the aim of creating sustainable added value.


Fungi as producers of everyday items

Detergents, cosmetics, clothing and the like are mostly based on petroleum – these everyday products are not ecological. Fungi can be used to produce bio-based, CO2-neutral basic chemicals.


Whitepaper Biological transformation

The scarcity of raw materials, land loss and the essential maintenance of social goods such as air, water and ecosystems require a rethink in industrial production.


Adhesives from vegetable oil

Sustainable products? Most definitely! However, as far as adhesives, coatings and foams are concerned, this has been difficult so far. Material concepts from Fraunhofer laboratories should help.