Internationalization strategy

Sustainable success through global governance and continuous monitoring

Engaging internationally presents more complex operational challenges in many ways than domestically. In order to ensure that its international operations remain successful in the long run, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has therefore developed – and ensures consistent compliance with – sophisticated tools and internal guidelines.

As part of efforts to continuously improve performance, the Fraunhofer institutes have access to a collection of tools that can be used to establish direct access to the business and industrial spaces that are or will be of greatest importance:

  • Bilateral and multilateral project work, supported by regional representatives if necessary
  • Cooperation programs with international centers of excellence, following the model of the national collaboration between Fraunhofer and the Max Planck Society (ICON program)
  • Temporary cooperation initiatives in the target country (Fraunhofer Innovation Platforms at universities)
  • Institutionalized cooperation initiatives in the target country (Fraunhofer centers under the umbrella of Fraunhofer affiliates)

When it comes to collaborating with internationally successful companies, which yields valuable insights into current problems and acts as a barometer of performance, the Fraunhofer institutes act within a set of guiderails set by international industrial projects guidelines. All international activities are subject to quality assurance monitoring and an ongoing evaluation of the results achieved. These activities form an integral part of Fraunhofer’s strategic portfolio development and strive to meet the requirements of compliance and global governance.