Fraunhofer awards ceremony 2014

Research awards 2014

Four science prizes will be presented at this year’s annual conference of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Freiburg. The first, the Stifterverband Science Prize, is awarded for scientific excellence in collaborative applied research projects. The Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize will be awarded to three teams of researchers in recognition of outstanding scientific work leading to the solution of application-oriented problems.

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Press Releases and Videos


Liquid crystal as lubricant

(Press Release May 21, 2014 ) Thanks to a new lubricant, small gears can run with virtually no friction. Made from liquid crystalline fluid, these lubricants drastically reduce friction and wear.

Inspecting letters with terahertz waves

(Press Release May 21, 2014 ) Is it a harmless parcel or a bomb, an innocent letter or a drug shipment? A new terahertz scanner is capable of detecting illicit drugs and explosives sent by post without having to open suspicious packages or envelopes.

The digital film reel

(Press Release May 21, 2014) Instead of heavy rolls of film, digital film copies are sent to movie theaters these days. With the easyDCP software, these digital packages can be easily created in the required standard so that the digital film can run in any theater.

Adhesive bonding with pre-applied adhesives

(Press Release May 21, 2014) In industrial production, bonding plays an increasingly important role. Researchers have now succeeded in separating the processes of applying the adhesive and the actual joining, which opens up a new world of applications.

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