Hannover Messe 2022

Hannover Messe 2022 press kit

Fraunhofer will be presenting the results of its research at the Hannover Messe 2022 from May 30 to June 2. Feel free to visit the joint Fraunhofer booth in Hall 5, Booth A06.



May 29, 6 p.m
Hanover Congress Center, opening ceremony

Presentation of the HERMES AWARD, the world's most important industry award
An independent jury chaired by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reimund Neugebauer, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, nominates three products for the HERMES AWARD from among the entries and selects the winner from this group.


May 30, 2022, 5:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m
Forum Tech Transfer in Hall 2
Panel discussion at the Night of Innovations

Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer, President of the Fraunhofer Society
Topic: Circular Cities - Technologies for sustainable cities

Other participants:
Bettina Stark-Watzinger, Federal Minister of Education and Research
Björn Thümler, Minister for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony
Prof. Dr. Joachim Schachtner, Clausthal University of Technology


May 30, 2022, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Press tour
at the joint Fraunhofer booth in Hall 5, Booth A06, with Fraunhofer experts presenting highlights from their research.  


Fraunhofer at the Hannover Messe 2022 - further information


The Fraunhofer Institutes for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU, for Material and Beam Technology IWS and for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF have already participated at the digital Hannover Messe Preview 2022 on March 16.

Video of the Hannover Messe Preview [202,8 MB]

Press Releases


Safe and powerful robotics for near-human tasks

Robots mowing lawns is a form of robotic assistance to which society has gotten used. But there are currently few concepts for robotic assistance in other tasks, which involve close proximity to humans, like housekeeping and care. The Fraunhofer IWU uses innovative switchable stiffnesses in robots to combine the required strength with the necessary safety.


The robot has the view

Capturing transparent objects in three dimensions is a major challenge.
Researchers at Fraunhofer IOF have developed a sensor that is able to solve this problem. The system has now been successfully tested for the first time with a robot. Applications in large-scale industrial manufacturing processes such as the semiconductor or automotive industry could be possible.


Joining with solid-state lasers set to revolutionize steel construction

Energy and resource efficiency are gaining ever more significance, which is why the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS has worked with its partners to develop an alternative for conventional steel construction that not only constitutes a process technology solution, but also forms the basis for hardware and laser safety.


Artificial intelligence – but please be trustworthy!

To date, entrepreneurs have not put a lot of trust in artificial intelligence – many processes are still performed manually. An example of how artificial intelligence and control technology can be combined to create a completely trustworthy system is RoboGrinder: A grinding machine developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design IEM.


Temporary, local 5G network to help fight forest fires

When it comes to activities such as fighting forest fires, monitoring construction sites or providing multimedia services at sports and other mass events, a reliable, secure 5G campus network is often needed locally and temporarily to ensure maximum network coverage on the entire site.


The use of VR for training employees in the automotive sector

Rostock-based Fraunhofer IGD presents Machine@Hand 2.0, a flexible and powerful virtual training environment. Virtual reality (VR) allows complex assembly processes and the machining of new component variants in the automotive industry to be communicated in a clear and readily comprehensible way.


Cognitive T-slot sensor concept

Forming presses are widely used as key elements of industrial production processes. From automotive technology to refrigerators, almost every product we encounter contains formed parts. The purchasing costs of these machines can reach double-digit millions, and it takes a great deal of time to set up and adjust precisely as needed.


Reference-factory.H2 – electrolyzer and fuel cell production of the future

Hydrogen is a key element in the energy transition. To ensure that hydrogen can become generally established as an energy source, it must be produced at market prices, in sufficient quantities and in a climate-neutral manner, and used with a high CO2 reduction rate.  


Production control with the Fraunhofer Edge Cloud

Today, public cloud systems can be used for outsourcing computationally intensive applications and storing large amounts of data. However, these systems are not designed for millisecond-accurate control of machines in production environments. They are not freely configurable and are difficult to connect to real-time-capable networks.


Smart screws keep bridges, machines and wind turbines safe

Screw connections on critical infrastructures are exposed to major stresses and must therefore be checked on a regular basis. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies CCIT have now developed a technology that allows the stability of the screw connections to be checked at any time by remote monitoring.


AutoInspect takes the quality of industrial inspection processes to a new level

The quality of industrial production processes is ensured by a large number of sensor-based individual inspections. This generates large amounts of data. However, until now, the information from the individual sensors has generally only been looked at in isolation.


Fraunhofer IGD develops AI-based component inspection for faster changeover times

MARQUIS software from Fraunhofer IGD facilitates the mobile inspection of components in real time.


For improved quality, efficiency and sustainability - thinfilm sensors from the Fraunhofer IST record data directly in high-load zones of tools and components


Optimum temperatures in plastic injection molding by means of thin-film sensor technology from the Fraunhofer IST


Interactive visualization accelerates product development

In product development, manufacturing and logistics, it is often not possible to achieve the same level of optimization for all target variables.


Detecting pneumatic actuator leakage by means of intelligent audio technology and innovative AI methods

The acoustic sensor systems of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT are used in industrial error and condition monitoring as well as automated quality control.


Producing mobility: Fraunhofer pools R&D and consulting in new one-stop shop

Germany's technological championship in the automotive sector is secured in close alli-ance between industry and research for integrated product and process development. In addition, the export of innovative production machines and manufacturing systems is stimulated.


Strong innovations

“Reference-factory.H2”, intelligent machine components in adaptive process chains, human-robot interaction and soft robotics demonstrate solutions for industrial green hydrogen, the factory of the future, household, and nursing.