Press kit for MEDICA 2022

Fraunhofer is presenting the results of its research on the MEDICA and COMPAMED 2022 from 14 to 17 November in Düsseldorf. Visit the joint Fraunhofer booths:

Hall 3, booth E74/F74 (MEDICA)

Hall 8a, booth G10 (COMPAMED)

Press Releases


Reduced risk after cardiac surgery thanks to resorbable pacing leads

A team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing
Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Dresden is developing resorbable pacing leads that can significantly reduce risk factors after cardiac surgery.


PCR platform for fighting pandemics – fast, open and digitalized

PCR processes are the diagnostic gold standard when it comes to identifying coronavirus infections. Unlike rapid antigen tests, they function even in the case of a low viral load and detect the pathogen with a high level of accuracy.  


Biological laboratory to go

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT have developed the “BioSensoLab“, a mobile biological laboratory with which they can demonstrate new developments to customers and test them together – on site at their companies. These new technologies rely in particular on intelligent sensors combined with artificial intelligence to perform analyses.


Cost-effective alternative to a PCR test

Speed or accuracy? As far as COVID-19 tests go, this was the choice you had to make. In the future, this dilemma could be a thing of the past. The Pathogen Analyzer combines the advantages of PCR testing and rapid antigen testing – it provides a reliable result after only 20 to 40 minutes. In not too long, this assay will be able to simultaneously detect up to 11 other pathogens.  


Everyday digital assistance

Should I exercise? Is a bike ride overdoing it? These are some of the questions commonly asked by patients with heart problems, tumors or orthopedic problems. In the future, the “Quantified Health System” from the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS might be able to help individuals with questions like these.


Digital hospital made easy


Silicon chip-integrated photonics: Photonic biosensors


Plasma treatment during 3D printing improves acceptance of implants