The Quantum Breakthrough



"FUTURAS IN RES" conference: The Quantum Breakthrough

In 2021 the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will host the third international science and technology conference of its “FUTURAS IN RES“ series.

This year’s topic is “Quantum Technologies” and it will be held from November 23–25, 2021 in Berlin, Germany, with a live streaming from the venue.


The second-generation quantum technologies have already resulted in an increasing number of practical applications and bear a high innovation potential for the years to come. This year, our invited international experts from research and industry will present you and discuss the latest R&D advancements and applications in the areas of:

  • Quantum Imaging & Optics​
  • Quantum Communication 
  • Quantum Sensing​
  • Quantum Computing​ 

Video: Fraunhofer Quantum Innovations#

Imaging & Optics 

With tailor-made quantum states of light we can overcome classical limits of noise and resolution, improving images under critical conditions.

Quantum Communication

For the first time in the realm of cryptography, quantum communication enables quantifiable security based on nature’s laws of quantum physics.


Quantum sensors achieve unprecedented high spatial resolution and sensitivity beyond what can be achieved with classical sensors.


Principles of quantum physics revolutionize computation by solving complex problems which are out of reach of classical machines.

Video: The Quantum Breakthrough#

Preliminary conference program #

Opening night, November 23, 2021

Day 1, November 24, 2021

Opening addresses
Introductionary plenary sessions


Scientific parallel-sessions – Part 1

a) Quantum Imaging und Optics
Chair: Prof. Karsten Buse
Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM 

b) Quantum Communication
Chair: Prof. Martin Schell
Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications,
Heinrich Hertz Institute, HHI

Scientific parallel-sessions – Part 2

a) Quantum Sensing
Chair: Prof. Oliver Ambacher
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics IAF

b) Quantum Computing 
Chair: Prof. Manfred Hauswirth
Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS


Day 2, November 25, 2021

Plenary keynote sessions:
  • Industrial applications
  • Future challenges





"FUTURAS IN RES" is derived from the expression "medias in res" and means coming straight to the point about the opportunities and challenges of our future.

Understanding the complex effects of new technologies and disruptive innovations is essential for the success of entire societies and economies. Many aspects of life, technology, experience and work will continue to converge and transform. Structural changes through technological developments must therefore be recognized, understood and communicated at an early stage – in order to actively shape long-term impacts on economic, societal, political and cultural dimensions. 

With the "FUTURAS IN RES" conference, since 2018 the Fraunhofer Think Tank provides exactly the right forum for this: ideas meet solutions, visionaries meet practitioners, supporters meet admonishers, thinkers and developers come up with new questions. "FUTURAS IN RES" combines scientific excellence with internationality, future-orientation and a profound focus on sustainable value creation with benefits for industry and society. 


Speaker program#

Today’s possibility of targeted quantum-mechanical control of individual elementary particles has ushered in the “second quantum revolution”. ​​

This will open up novel possibilities and innovations for all areas of technology, industry and business.

Program details and information about our world-class speakers coming soon.



Hilton Berlin, Mohrenstr. 30,

10117 Berlin, Germany ​


with live streaming


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