Parallel session workshops

R&D Workshops: "Enabling the quantum competitivity"

Parallel sessions: 03:00 – 07:00 p.m. (coffee break 04:30 – 05:00 p.m.)

Session I: Quantum Imaging & Sensing


Prof. Karsten Buse, Director, Fraunhofer IPM

Prof. Rüdiger Quay, Institute Director, Fraunhofer IAF

Prof. Wilhelm Kaenders, Member of Executive Board, CTO and Co-founder, TOPTICA Photonics


Impulse speakers

Prof. Svenja Knappe, Professor, University of Colorado

Dr. Frank Kühnemann, Group Manager Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Sensing, Fraunhofer IPM

Prof. Mathieu Munsch, CEO and Co-founder, Qnami

Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar, Director, Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Light

Session II: Quantum Communication


Prof. Ronald Freund, Head of Department, Fraunhofer HHI

Prof. Christoph Günther, Institute Director, German Aerospace Center (DLR)


Impulse speakers

Dr. Florian Fröwis, General Manager, ID Quantique Europe

Dr. Bernd Jungbluth, Group Manager, Fraunhofer ILT

Florian Moll, Project Manager QuNET, DLR

Dr. Andreas Poppe, Project Scientist, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Dr. Julian Struck, Systems Engineer Satellite-Based Quantum Communication, TESAT-Spacecom

Dr. Nino Walenta, Project Manager Photonic Quantum Technologies, Fraunhofer HHI

Prof. Harald Weinfurter, Head of Faculty of Physics, LMU Munich

Dr. Martin Wölz, Product Manager Quantum Communications, Jena-Optronik

Session III: Quantum Computing


Prof. Manfred Hauswirth, Institute Director, Fraunhofer FOKUS

Dr. Jan Goetz, CEO and Co-founder, IQM Germany


Impulse speakers

Prof. Christian Bauckhage, Professor of Computer Science, Fraunhofer IAIS

Prof. Arnold Gillner, Head of Department Ablation and Joining, Fraunhofer ILT

Dr. Jan Goetz, CEO and Co-founder, IQM Germany

Dr. Matthias Kabel, Team Leader Lightweight Design and Insulating
Materials, Fraunhofer ITWM

Prof. Wolfgang Lechner, CEO and Co-founder, ParityQC

Marco Paini, Director Europe, Rigetti