Videos 2013

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft produces films about current research topics.
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Flight laboratory

Researchers at Fraunhofer IBP are currently working on specific technologies designed to optimize the comfort of airline passengers. Their main focus is on the indoor climate on airplanes, which is a frequent source of complaints.

Asteroid impact avoidance system

Researchers say we can expect an asteroid to collide with Earth every few hundred years. The European research project NEOShield was set up to protect our planet from just such a catastrophe, with teams of researchers working to develop concepts designed to help avert these sorts of impacts and to alter asteroids’ orbits as they race toward Earth. Research scientists from Fraunhofer EMI in Freiburg are among those contributing to the work on the asteroid impact avoidance system.

Automated plant factory for the production of vaccines

Molecular farming is an easy, fast, and safe method for producing vaccines and therapeutic proteins in plants. Now a team of Fraunhofer researchers from the USA has built up a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant plant factory.

3D Magnetic field measurement

Magnetic field sensors are a contact- and wear-free means of measuring the position of machine parts and products. A new generation of Hall sensors is now making the process even more precise and free of interference.

Plasma in a bag

Plastic bags coated by plasma at atmospheric pressure serve as a GMP laboratory for the cultivation of adherent cells. The plasma is used to modify the internal surface of the bag specifically, so that different cell types can grow on it.

Programming model for supercomputers of the future

The demand for even faster, more effective, and also energy-saving computer clusters is growing in every sector. The new asynchronous programming model GPI might become a key building block towards realizing the next generation of supercomputers.

Turning smartphones into secure and versatile keys

It’s already possible to open doors using an app – but we are a long way from seeing widespread acceptance of this in the market. Now, researchers have developed a piece of software that will make the technology even more secure and versatile.

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