Climate stress

Success only when all stakeholders are involved

Sophie Mok, Fraunhofer IAO
© Heinz Heiss
Sophie Mok, scientist at the Fraunhofer IAO.

The Fraunhofer IAO is investigating: How can we replicate successful measures to other cities? There is no “one size fits all” solution. Our experience shows: It is important to bring all stakeholders together and jointly develop, locally adapted and knowledge-based solutions. To achieve this aim, the Fraunhofer experts have compiled municipal governance guidelines and alternative financing options for nature-based solutions. They have also collaborated with five other cities to develop individual roadmaps for improving resilience to climate change.

What is the local vision for a climate-resilient future in 2050? Where does the city stand right now — and which nature-based solutions would help reach the set goals? “Of course, a city in Finland faces different challenges than one in Spain,” explains Mok. “Therefore, we have different problems to address, the visions also differ. However, most cities do face the important challenges in the areas of water management, urban heat islands and biodiversity.” In a further step, the researchers are planning to compile their results in an online database that will provide cities and municipalities with targeted knowledge about nature-based solutions and urban greening.