On-site Workshop  /  11. November 2024  -  12. November 2024

Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Lithium-sulfur batteries are envisaged to enable energy storage devices with high specific energy at low material cost. The recent research provides significant progress in terms of materials for active and passive cell components as well as on understanding of mechanisms finally leading to improved Li-S cell performance. Variations in cathode materials from elemental sulfur to sulfurized polymers and electrolyte formulations from sparingly solvating to fully solid state concepts lead to further differentiation of several Li-S concepts. Various current investigations focus on transferring innovations into application relevant prototype cells while several companies started to announce their plans for commercialization of their specific Li-S technologies.

Following the tradition and success of the past years, the 11th “Lithium-Sulfur Batteries“ Workshop will again bring together an international audience of scientists and industry representatives. Renowned experts will present the latest results, new materials, processes and applications in the field of lithium-sulfur batteries. Plenary lectures by internationally renowned speakers will offer delegates excellent possibilities to get acquainted with the latest developments and research results. 

Our General Topics

  • Electrode materials
  • Lithium metal anodes
  • All-solid-state cell concepts
  • Separators and electrolytes
  • Mechanisms
  • Cell design and manufacturing
  • Applications for Li-S batteries 

Call for Abstracts

A presentation of your latest research results or new developments in the field of battery technology with a lecture or poster would be highly welcome. We thus encourage you to submit an abstract.

Please send your abstract using the template provided in the box to manja.hanke@iws.fraunhofer.de by September 30, 2024.