On-site Event  /  10. September 2024  -  11. September 2024

Dry Coating Forum: Shaping the Future of Dry Battery Electrode Processing

The demand for green technologies is increasing immensely. More and more electric vehicles are entering the roads. As a result, the efficient and environmentally friendly production of battery cells is moving to a center stage. Especially during the manufacturing of the battery electrodes, state-of-the-art slurry processes are very space- and energy-consuming and moreover, involve the use of toxic solvents.

Dry battery electrode coating is considered to contribute drastically towards greener and more efficient battery production. Toxic solvents are avoided, the equipment footprint is drastically reduced, and energy costs for the intensive drying step are omitted. It is therefore expected that dry battery electrode coating will become the industry standard in the medium term. While there are efforts and developments worldwide that are advancing dry coating, there has not been a forum yet for connecting the different stakeholders in this specific R&D topic.

As one of the leading R&D institutes with many years of dry coating expertise, Fraunhofer IWS now provides a dedicated platform and launches the Dry Coating Forum (DCF). DCF is a forum for material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, cell makers, and end users to exchange information about current trends, developments, and challenges in the field of dry coating technologies.

Following the great success of the DCF 2023, we are delighted to be holding this unique event for networking and knowledge exchange in the field of dry electrode coating again in 2024.


Call for Abstracts

A presentation of your latest research results or new developments and products in the field of dry battery coating technology with a lecture or poster would be highly welcome. We thus encourage you to submit an abstract. 

Please send your abstract using the template provided in the box to manja.hanke@iws.fraunhofer.de by May 31, 2024. 


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