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At the beginning of each month, ″Research News″ provides you with a concise overview of the latest milestones achieved at Fraunhofer laboratories. Complex technologies and developments are presented in simplified format that is easy to understand for anyone. All the topics contained in each issue are clearly listed on the first page.


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Research News 10-2015

Lighting the way to your car -- Proteins from rice - raw materials instead of waste -- Brilliant colors from environmentally friendly crystals -- Positioning systems improve airport logistics -- Rapid analysis of kidney stones -- Low-cost wafers for solar cells

Research News 9-2015

Pulses for better posture -- Gas sensors sound the smoldering fire alarm -- Wastewater to irrigate, fertilize and generate energy -- Making effective use of voluntary help -- Efficient heating for electric cars -- Recycling permanent magnets in one go

Research News 8-2015

Space probes: sterile launch into outer space -- Smart driver seat that responds to gestures -- Proving nanoparticles in sunscreen products -- A flexible solution for secure IT in cars -- Heating with the sun -- Cutting costs in aircraft turbine production

Research News 7-2015

Miniature pump regulates internal ocular pressure -- Revealing faded frescos -- Fuel and chemicals from steel plant exhaust gases -- New research platform provides support to journalists -- Radar guards against space debris -- Metal encapsulation optimizes chemical reactions

Research News 6-2015

To understand every word -- Fast charging electric bus does overtime -- Banknote check with ultra-fast line scan sensor -- Small and discreet data glasses for everyday use -- Precisely simulating the production of ceramic tape -- Mini laser for real-time quality control

Research News 5-2015

Detecting skin cancer quickly -- WPC furniture with low flammability -- Generating eco-friendly power with metal rotor blades -- Automated counting of tumor cells in blood -- Improved detection of radio waves from space -- Economic and effective security design

Research News 4-2015

Novel tissue substitute made of high-tech fibers -- Saving energy with smart façades -- Reliable systems for recharging electric vehicles -- Plastic parts for internal combustion engines -- Cost-effective production of magnetic sensors -- Measurement of components in 3D under water

Research News 3-2015

CeBIT: Panoramas for your tablet -- Protecting nerve tissue during bowel surgery -- Power vest -- Predicting pesticide loads more accurately -- Virtual vehicle testing – modeling tires realistically -- High-precision radar for the steel industry

Research News 2-2015

Mini synthetic organism instead of test animals -- Interconnected IT for business models in rural areas -- Safe production in Industry 4.0 -- Scalable electric drive for buses, trucks etc. -- Fitness game for the physically impaired -- Finding valuable materials in metallurgical dumps

Research News 1-2015

Ensuring security for networks of the future -- Beer, milk and Co. in bacteria quick test -- Wind-powered freighters -- Vehicle body made from cotton, hemp, and wood -- Ultrasound technology made to measure -- Solar chip monitors windows

Research News 2014

Research News 12-2014

Perfect chocolate sheen on confection and sweets -- Proteins off the roll -- Smart anti-icing system for rotor blades -- The flying inventory assistant -- Mobile radio passive radar makes harbors safer -- Live images from inside materials

Research News 11-2014

Electric cars without drivers -- Detecting leaks in biogas plants by laser -- Fewer surgeries with degradable implants -- Health screening for industrial machines -- Versatile bonding for lightweight components -- A coating that protects against heat and oxidation

Research News 10-2014

Combatting periodontal pathogens -- Engineering new vehicle powertrains -- Miniature camera may lead to fewer accidents -- Analyzing gold and steel – rapidly and precisely -- Minimally invasive surgery with hydraulic assistance -- More efficient transformer materials

Research News 9-2014

On the way to a safe and secure Smart Home -- Ethanol fireplaces: the underestimated risk -- Central biobank for drug research -- Greater safety and security at Europe’s train stations -- Simulations for better transparent oxide layers -- Fingerprints for freight items

Research News 8-2014

Charging electric cars efficiently inductive -- Comfortable climate indoors with porous glass -- Simulation models optimize water power -- Sensors that improve rail transport safety -- Presentations collectively prepared -- Crash-testing rivets -- Customized surface inspection -- Treating rare tumors effectively -- Effective identity management in the cloud -- Monitoring road bridges

Research News 7-2014

Nano-supercapacitors for electric cars -- Formula calculates thickness of bombproof concrete -- New drugs to combat asthma and the like -- Linking television and the Internet -- Fast building inspection from the air -- Managing the data jungle -- Telemedicine for patients with chronic liver diseases -- Control from the cloud -- Understanding production at a glance -- Passenger exchange without loss of time

Research News 6-2014

Implanted infection prevention -- The fuel cell for home -- Always well ventilated -- Efficient thermal cooling and heating -- Safe harbor -- Collisions with Robots – without Risk of Injury -- Solar modules embedded in glass -- More security for passports -- Hydrogen storage for renewable energy -- Sustainable production in an urban region

Research News 5-2014

Retinal scanner that fits in a purse -- Circuits and sensors direct from the printer -- Making light work of orbit and attitude control -- Automated assembly of aircraft wings -- Finding the right cancer drug faster -- Ceramic screws – corrosion and heat resistant -- Lasers and plasma: a powerful team -- Finding work spaces and learning tools per app -- Ceramics extend the lifespan of high-performance LEDs -- Efficient Laundry Logistics Thanks to RFID

Research News 4-2014

Detecting diamonds with X-ray technology -- Freighter without crew -- Wire inspection: As fast as a world-class sprinter -- Mobile robots support airplane manufacturers -- Analyzing living cells quickly and accurately -- Environmental hormones – tiny amounts, big effects -- Smaller microchips that keep their cool -- High-performance plastics – developed in kilo quantities -- Route-specific load analysis for vehicles -- Nanostructures – even on curved surfaces

Research News 3-2014

Security tools for Industry 4.0 -- Smart grid for electric vehicle fleet -- Effective thermal insulation with wood foam -- Interactive simulator for vehicle drivers -- LED lamps: less energy, more light -- Getting hyperspectral image data down to a sprint -- Virtual lab for nuclear waste repository research -- Adapting production processes swiftly and cost-effectively -- Shepherding a lively crowd into safe channels -- Production efficiency: putting battery devices on a virtual leash

Research News 2-2014

How smartphones help find avalanche victims -- Sweat glands heal injuries -- No room for wrong notes -- Invisibility cloak for hearing aids and implants -- Wind farms to blink only when necessary -- Helping preserve independent living -- Weight loss program for infrared cameras -- Digital express service for patient files -- Predicting the remaining operating life of power plants -- RFID wristband identifies merchandise quickly and without direct contact

Research News 1-2014

Treating chronic kidney disease using clay minerals -- Car manufacturing – fast track towards mass production -- Warping images using your PC graphics card -- Ultra-thin tool heating for injection molding -- Hydrocephalus: sensors monitor cerebral pressure -- Faster testing of new pharmaceuticals -- Click away the snow -- Letter inspection with terahertz waves -- Transporting living cells safely and securely -- Online software analyzes sustainability of cities

Research News 2013

Research News 12-2013

On the trail of prostate cancer -- Defending against electromagnetic attacks -- High-tech athletic shoe for pure running pleasure -- Thermoelectric materials nearing production scale -- Tougher dies for automotive manufacturing -- Better first response medical care during catastrophes -- Free-flowing traffic on the information highway -- Freely adjustable shock absorbers -- Laser welding as driver of innovation -- Fuel cell generates power from methane

Research News 11-2013

Intelligent training with a Fitness Shirt and an E-bike -- More secure App-Store for Android -- Special camera detects tumors -- Solar cells utilize thermal radiation -- Speedy analysis of steel fiber reinforced concrete -- Organic lights and solar cells straight from the printer -- Testing smart plastics in real time -- Changes in woodland use -- Cost-effective recycling of black plastics with terahertz waves -- Data detectives in double-glazed windows

Research News 10-2013

Nano-dwarves turn tumor assassins -- Need different types of tissue? Just print them! -- Taking a close look, whatever the scale -- Mass producing pocket labs -- Lasers offer an automated way to test drinking water -- Non-toxic flame retardants -- Predicting the life expectancy of solar modules -- Micro-technology saves jet fuel -- Sensors protect the Rotterdam quayside -- 95 percent less lubricant

Research News 9-2013

Sorting out top-class wines -- Asteroid deflection -- Adding precision to plastics testing -- Safer shipping with high-tech radar -- Solar energy for sensor nodes -- More creativity in post-production -- Getting a grip on inventory management using RF -- Relaxing, individualized travel for physically-challenged seniors -- Previously, an airplane. Now, a tennis racket. -- Service robots for seniors

Research News 8-2013

Smart sleep analysis -- Soccer matches and concerts from any angle you choose -- Making plants’ inner qualities visible -- In with antennas, out with cables -- Making cars that are lightweight and crash-safe -- Live streaming experience for multi-screen applications -- Saws made of carbon -- Working in the depths -- Life-saving orbs -- Efficient light guide optics for office lighting and monitors

Research News 7-2013

App security testing tool -- Bringing color to solar façades -- Underwater propulsion from a 3D printer -- Fitness test for corrosion protection coatings -- Robots inspect cables -- Pickling tape for local pre-treatment of aluminum -- Using RFID for fiber composites -- Spotting plagiarism and breaches of warrantee -- X-ray vision for the walls of buildings -- Extracting subsea natural gas and storing CO2

Research News 6-2013

Intelligent door seal prevents poor air quality -- Less friction loss in combustion engines -- Effective privacy protection in social networks -- Building more sustainable aircrafts -- Prefab houses that are glued, not nailed, together -- Repairing turbines with the help of robots -- Greater convenience and safety for wheelchair users -- Drivers happy to take long way round to avoid traffic stress -- Saving energy in subway stations -- Making electric vehicles smaller and more comfortable

Research News 5-2013

Laser instead of drill -- Glove shows its true colors -- OLED brings out the shine -- Using cattails for insulation -- Perfectly designed microelectronics -- Credit card fraudsters quickly exposed -- Set in the right light -- An energy-efficient electrical system for vehicles -- Commercial traffic can open the door to electromobility -- Digital signature: stored for eternity

Research News 4-2013

Regaining proper hearing at last -- A longer life for lithium-sulfur batteries -- Promising stem cell therapy for leukemia patients -- Surveying roads at 100 km/h -- Finding instead of searching -- Embedding photovoltaic modules more quickly -- New information services quickly -- Enjoying the full taste of sausage, even with less salt -- Algae and crustaceans in the ship’s tank -- Using the waste from olives several times over

Research News 3-2013

New opportunities for 3D technology in medicine -- Seaweed under the roof -- Heating with powder and plastic wastes -- An accurate way of predicting landslides -- Open software platform to bring down energy costs -- Tuned coatings ensure cleanliness -- Non-glaring photovoltaic installations -- Heart muscle cells from the laboratory -- High-quality animal feed – efficiently produced -- Forms complete themselves

Research News 2-2013

Healthy seeds - treated environmentally friendly -- The armchair as a fitness trainer -- Aldi Süd Supermarkets – Energy-Optimized -- Optimized custom-made ski sledges -- Faster video streaming -- Safe glass facades -- Awakening the dormant potential of e-government -- Exemplary civic participation in large-scale projects -- Mobile high-tech measuring instrument determines particulate emissions -- Instrument handle with built-in electronics makes surgery easier

Research News 1-2013

Quick detection of periodontitis pathogens -- Turning smartphones into secure and versatile keys -- Romper suit to protect against sudden infant death -- Smart search engines for news videos -- Giant tobacco plants that stay young forever -- Noise protection – multifunctional and aesthetical -- Physio for the home -- Rapid diagnosis in a tissue -- Replacing scarce and expensive raw materials -- Cleaning with a carbon dioxide brush